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Request #9 for brownie_utonium

Fandom: Utena
Pairing: Juri/Anthy
Line: All around her the white petals fell like virgin snow as the iron bells began to toll; it was over.
Word Count: 305

A Lesser Sin.

A final clash of steel against steel, the blades sliding against each other with a harsh metallic sound, and Anthy’s eyes didn’t widen as Utena failed to do the impossible. All around her the white petals fell like virgin snow as the iron bells began to toll; it was over.

Not even out of breath, Juri rid herself of her sword (she doesn’t discard it, but tosses it away in a grave made of dying rose-petals). Steps sure against the floor, she approached her prize, and Anthy simply looked up at her wide, empty green eyes and smiled softly. About to speak, she fell silent as Juri walked right past her.

And then she followed.

Heedless of Utena's cries to stop, Utena's demands for a rematch, the Rose Bride followed the victor and when Juri turned to glare at her, Anthy simply gave her infuriating pleasant smile. Even when Juri's lips pressed against hers (harsh, angry, the victory is an empty one and her prize is the not the girl she wants) Anthy still smiled into the kiss, dark, slender arms winding around the other's neck automatically. The smile didn't disappear as she was pushed to the floor, Juri's hand sliding under her skirt, and Anthy stayed placid even as the blood seeping out of her stained the white rose petals scarlet.

The kiss left Juri empty and the Rose Bride’s touch was cold. Only when she had stood up and met the triumphant, mocking eyes of Shiori (how long has she been watching – how much has she seen?) did the first flush of emotion paint her cheeks: shame, hot and rich and coiling tightly inside her in a way that passion failed to do for all the beauty of the girl left lying on the floor.

Compared to love, lust was the lesser sin.

Tags: fandom: utena, type: femmeslash
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