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It's Only Fiction

{don't be afraid}

Only Fiction
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Want fic? Congratulations. You're in the right place.

I like to try to take new angles on accepted cliches or twist situations to show different sides of characters. Some of my stuff involves blood or implied non-con, others involve warped philosophy and dark humor. All fics are labelled with necessary warnings.

This fic journal is slash, femmeslash and het-friendly, so beware of that if any of those squick you!

My current main fandoms are Yuugiou and DC, but I also dabble in HP, Animorphs, Good Omens and pretty much anything at all if I have a drabble meme up.

Comments and feedback will be appreciated as usual. Enjoy!

Fics sorted by tags. Click to search for fics by fandom, genre, character or pairing.


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